Benefits of Yoga

‘You can have calmness of the mind at all times by the practice of yoga. You can have restful sleep. You can have increased energy, vigor, vitality, longevity, and in a high standard of health. You can turn out efficient work within a short space of time. You can have success in every walk of life.’ ~  Sivananda


A strong flexible body, glowing skin, peaceful mind, amazing health. Often, yoga is only partially understood as the perception is limited to that of only asana (yoga poses) missing the immense benefits yoga offers through the unification of the body, mind & spirit. When our body and mind are in harmony, our life journey is enriched with tranquility.

~ Comprehensive Health ~ To be truly healthy becoming physically fit is only a part of the process! A balance is needed between the physical, mental and emotional body. Yoga offers this through the practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breath-work) and meditation.


‘Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life ~ in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you.’’ ~  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


~ Alleviate Stress ~ A few minutes of yoga each day will help rid the body and mind of stress. Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation are all effective techniques to help de-tox the body and de-stress the mind.


~ Inner Peace ~ We all love visiting peaceful, serene places filled with natural beauty. This same peace can be found within us and experienced at any moment. Yoga is an amazing tool that calms chatter of the mind. Something wonderful happens with the realization that life is propelled from the inside out. Focusing on inner peace with where you are, rather than where you would rather be, you begin to find peace… in the present.


‘Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.’  ~ Wayne Dyer


~ Enhanced Immunity ~ Our human experience is an intermingling of the body-mind-spirit connection. An unevenness within the body affects the mind causing dis-ease or dis-comfort, just as the mind is able to discern weaknesses within the body. Yoga asana massages internal organs and strengthens muscle; while breathing techniques and mediation relieve stress and collectively improve immunity.


~ Deeper Awareness ~ Our mind is constantly tangled in motion, pulling out scenarios from the past along with ideas of the future. The mind does not choose to stay in the present – or perhaps does not have the ability. Yoga asana and pranayama assist in creating awareness while bringing our mind back to the present moment.


~ Healthier Relationships ~ Yoga improves relationships with both loved ones & friends! A happy, content, relaxed mind is capable of dealing with both complex and simple relationship difficulties or concerns. Yoga & meditation help sustain a calm and peaceful mind; which in turn benefits the way you interact with those around you.


~ Increased Energy ~ Daily life can be exhausting! Errands, work, children, family, the list goes on. A daily yoga practice provides increased energy through movement with asana and increased mental energy through pranayama and meditation.


~ Enhanced Flexibility ~ Daily yoga practice provides the practitioner with a body that is strong, supple and flexible. Daily yoga practice stretches fascia, tones & strengthens muscle, which in turn improves both improved posture and greater flexibility.


~ Improved Intuition ~ Yoga & mediation hold the power to improve your intuitive ability. When the body and mind are calm, it takes less effort to realize what must be done, what needs to be done and how. We become more connected to our body Often we realize that nothing ‘needs’ to be done. With a regular yoga practice, we become more connected to our bodies, increasing our intuition in regards to the kind of food our body asks for, how much and when.

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