Yoga Practices

**All classes are hot unless otherwise specified on the schedule.**

**Classes are subject to change/cancel without notice. Please check the online schedule for the latest updates.**

Restore and Renew Yin:

This type of yoga focuses on working the connective tissue of the body and holding poses anywhere from 3 minutes and on. Holding the postures for this long stresses (a good stress) and works the fibers of the tendons, joints, fascia, and ligaments. This is a great class for individuals with tight muscles, injuries, and just wanting a good stretch (suitable for all levels, pregnant women should avoid this class). Yin is a really great compliment to the other classes we offer and a busy lifestyle! It will bring some calm and peace into your life, leaving you feeling restored and renewed.


Move Your Asana:

Asana in sanskrit originally meant the seat in which you meditate in. Over time in the western world, the definition has changed to mean actual yoga postures. In this class we will get you moving through yoga postures to increase flexibility, balance, and strength. We will flow with breath but also take the time to breath in a posture. This is a medium level class and good for all levels(the former name was Hatha Flow).


Vibrant Flow:

This class was formerly vinyasa flow, a style of yoga in which we dynamically flow with breath. Like a dance, postures and breath meld together to create unity in the body and mind. This vibrant, fast paced class will strengthen your body and clear your mind. Classes are unique to each teacher with a variety of standing, seated, balancing, and inverted postures. This class is suitable for all levels, however a basic understanding of yoga postures is recommended(anyone who is brand new to yoga might want to try some other classes first).


Classical Hatha:

This is a non flow class that focuses on alignment and longer holds. Postures are done in steps and modifications are given. Postures will bring strength, balance and flexibility to your body. This practice will teach you the key principles of alignment that you can apply to any postures. With this knowledge and understanding you will be able to move into the more challenging, faster paced classes. We recommend this class to anyone that enjoys a slower, non flow class or beginners to yoga.


Happy Hips:

This is an all levels class that focuses on opening up the hips. Our hips are our emotional center, we tend to hold a lot of emotion in that space. Opening the hips not only gives us flexibility in that entire area (hips, low spine, and hamstrings) but also helps to release these stored emotions and past experiences. Let’s get those hips happy!


Twist into Bliss:

This is an all levels class with a focus on twists and pranayama breathing. This practice is slower and alignment focused. Twists will help to cleanse and neutralize the body. Pranayama breathing techniques promote proper breathing and control. In a Yogic point of view, proper breathing is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain, and to control Prana or the vital life energy. This is an all levels class(good for beginners) and we recommend not eating 3 hours prior to class.


Power Hour:

This is a level 2 class that focuses heavily on vinyasa flows. It is a full body and mind conditioning practice. It is ideal for anyone that is looking to take their practice to the next level and wanting to explore arm balances, inversions, and more intensity in the postures in general. Flow to the music and elevate your feeling of joy and interconnectedness. We recommend a deeper understanding of yoga postures and 6 months of experience in a vinyasa style class prior to attending this class.


Freestyle Friday:

This is a class where anything goes! Expect a non-traditional class with a variety of music and postures. It will be fun and a nice way to cap your week off. This class is great for anyone that prefers a physical practice. We recommend a basic understanding of yoga postures.


Self Guided Meditation:

This is a space for you to unwind in stillness, and focus on your self guided meditation practice. $5 drop in or free for members on an Auto-Renew Contract.


Lole Community Class:

This is a Lole community class. Customers from lole and the general public, are able to come and enjoy this complimentary class.


Prenatal Yoga(coming soon):

Prenatal yoga helps prepare a mom-to-be for labor. It focuses on flexibility, strength and balance (suitable for all levels).


Karma Classes (coming soon):

Karma classes are operated by donations only. A minimum of $10 is required. Passes are not accepted for this class. All donations will go to a specific charity or cause (suitable for all levels).